Keeping your mind unoccupied – Motivational quote

December 12, 2015 by Admin

Here’s what Osho has to say about keeping your mind unoccupied:


Motivational quote Osho

Keeping unoccupied mind


Unoccupied as in the mind….As he further elaborates, you can sing, dance, write and still be in meditation.

That stillness when felt deep inside reverberates inside for long, like a mothers lullaby.
Then there is harmony inside and thus outside.

It might be helpful to remember that meditation is a *natural state* of our mind and bodies. Osho has mentioned this before in his books. Babies are born in meditation, and yet we are taught to “stay busy” by our neurotic, restless, worried environment. I myself recall being approached by teachers and parents and being shocked out of my meditational state with “What are you doing? Do something!” Remember, to the afflicted, you will be thought of as strange, even when you are simply practicing, simply counting your breath. To the masses, you are mad, catatonic, in a trance or apethetic. To nature, you are inseparable. Agitation is an epidemic, meditation practice is the cure, and awareness is the protection from falling back into insanity again. To nature, always, you are inseparable.