Unshod Synonyms and Antonyms

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We found there are 3 synonyms for the word unshod.

  1. discalceate
  2. discalced
  3. unshoed

And we also found there are 5 direct antonyms for the word unshod.

  1. calced
  2. shod
  3. shod
  4. shodden
  5. shoed
Term Definition

discalceate, discalced (adjective)

(used of certain religious orders) barefoot or wearing only sandals.

Antonyms: calced, shod (adjective)

used of certain religious orders who wear shoes.

unshoed (adjective)

not shod.

Antonyms: shod, shodden, shoed (adjective)

wearing footgear.

Nearby Terms

unshakably (adverb)
with determination; in a determined manner

unshaken (adjective satellite)
unshaken in purpose

unshaped (adjective satellite)
incompletely or imperfectly shaped

unshapely (adjective)
not well-proportioned and pleasing in shape

unshapen (adjective satellite)
incompletely or imperfectly shaped

unshared (adjective)
not shared

unsharpened (adjective satellite)
not sharpened

unshaved (adjective)
not shaved

unshaven (adjective)
not shaved

unsheared (adjective)
not sheared

unsheathe (verb)
draw from a sheath or scabbard

unsheathed (adjective)
not having a protective covering

unshelled (adjective)
of animals or fruits that have no shell

unshielded (adjective satellite)
(used especially of machinery) not protected by a shield

unshockable (adjective)
incapable of being shocked