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We found there are 8 synonyms for the word time.

  1. clip
  2. clock
  3. clock time
  4. fourth dimension
  5. metre
  6. meter
  7. prison term
  8. sentence

And we found No direct antonym for the word time.

Term Definition

clip (noun)

an instance or single occasion for some event.

clock (verb)

measure the time or duration of an event or action or the person who performs an action in a certain period of time.

clock time (noun)

a reading of a point in time as given by a clock.

fourth dimension (noun)

the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event.

metre, meter (noun)

rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration.

prison term, sentence (noun)

the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned.

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