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We found there are 20 synonyms for the word large.

  1. big
  2. boastfully
  3. vauntingly
  4. big
  5. bombastic
  6. declamatory
  7. orotund
  8. tumid
  9. turgid
  10. magnanimous
  11. big
  12. prominent
  13. big
  14. enceinte
  15. gravid
  16. with child
  17. expectant
  18. great
  19. big
  20. heavy

And we also found there are 2 direct antonyms for the word large.

  1. little
  2. small
Term Definition

big (adjective)

above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Antonyms: little, small (adjective)

limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Antonyms: insignificant [Indirect via significant] (adjective)

devoid of importance, meaning, or force.

boastfully, vauntingly, big (adverb)

in a boastful manner.

bombastic, declamatory, orotund, tumid, turgid (adjective satellite)

ostentatiously lofty in style.

Antonyms: unrhetorical [Indirect via rhetorical] (adjective)

not rhetorical.

magnanimous, big (adjective satellite)

generous and understanding and tolerant.

Antonyms: ungenerous [Indirect via generous] (adjective)

lacking in magnanimity.

prominent, big (adjective satellite)

conspicuous in position or importance.

Antonyms: inconspicuous [Indirect via conspicuous] (adjective)

not prominent or readily noticeable.

Antonyms: noncomprehensive [Indirect via comprehensive] (adjective)

not comprehensive.

enceinte, gravid, with child, expectant, great, big, heavy (adjective satellite)

in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

Antonyms: nonpregnant [Indirect via pregnant] (adjective)

not pregnant.

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