Till Definition

Define what is Till?

1. boulder clay, till (noun)

unstratified soil deposited by a glacier; consists of sand and clay and gravel and boulders mixed together.

    Synonyms: boulder clay

    dirt, soil noun
    the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock.

    2. till (verb)

    work land as by ploughing, harrowing, and manuring, in order to make it ready for cultivation.

    • till the soil.

    work on, work, process verb
    shape, form, or improve a material.


    plow, Plough, turn verb
    to break and turn over earth especially with a plow.

    hoe verb
    dig with a hoe.

    3. public treasury, till, trough (noun)

    a treasury for government funds.


      exchequer, Treasury noun
      the funds of a government or institution or individual.

      4. cashbox, money box, till (noun)

      a strongbox for holding cash.

        Synonyms: cashbox, money box

        deedbox, strongbox noun
        a strongly made box for holding money or valuables; can be locked.


        cash register, register noun
        a cashbox with an adding machine to register transactions; used in shops to add up the bill.

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