Tell Definition

Define what is Tell?

1. Tell, William Tell (noun)

a Swiss patriot who lived in the early 14th century and who was renowned for his skill as an archer; according to legend an Austrian governor compelled him to shoot an apple from his son's head with his crossbow (which he did successfully without mishap).

    Synonyms: William Tell

    2. say, State, Tell (verb)

    express in words.

    • He said that he wanted to marry her.
    • tell me what is bothering you.
    • state your opinion.
    • state your name.
    Synonyms: say, State

    give tongue to, utter, express, verbalise, verbalize verb
    articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.


    present, lay out, represent verb
    bring forward and present to the mind.

    misstate verb
    state something incorrectly.

    answer, reply, respond verb
    react verbally.

    preface, premise, precede, introduce verb
    furnish with a preface or introduction.

    announce, declare verb
    announce publicly or officially.

    enunciate, vocalise, vocalize, articulate verb
    express or state clearly.

    get out verb
    express with difficulty.

    declare verb
    state emphatically and authoritatively.

    declare verb
    make a declaration (of dutiable goods) to a customs official.

    note, remark, mention, observe verb
    make mention of.

    ADD, append, supply verb
    state or say further.

    explain verb

    give verb
    convey or reveal information.

    sum, summarise, sum up, summarize verb
    be a summary of.

    3. Tell (verb)

    let something be known.

    • Tell them that you will be late.

    inform verb
    impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to.


    digress, divagate, stray, wander verb
    lose clarity or turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing, thinking, or speaking.

    bespeak, betoken, indicate, signal, point verb
    be a signal for or a symptom of.

    disclose, divulge, let on, unwrap, reveal, let out, give away, expose, discover, bring out, break verb
    make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret.

    talk, spill verb
    reveal information.

    publicize, bare, publicise, air verb
    make public.

    ingeminate, iterate, reiterate, repeat, restate, retell verb
    to say, state, or perform again.

    propagandise, propagandize verb
    subject to propaganda.

    annunciate, foretell, harbinger, herald, announce verb
    foreshadow or presage.

    impart, pass on, give, leave verb
    transmit (knowledge or skills).

    4. recount, narrate, Tell, recite (verb)

    narrate or give a detailed account of.

    • Tell what happened.
    • The father told a story to his child.
    Synonyms: recount, narrate, recite

    inform verb
    impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to.


    relate verb
    give an account of.

    crack verb
    tell spontaneously.

    yarn verb
    tell or spin a yarn.

    rhapsodise, rhapsodize verb
    recite a rhapsody.

    5. Order, enjoin, Tell, say (verb)

    give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority.

    • I said to him to go home.
    • She ordered him to do the shopping.
    • The mother told the child to get dressed.
    Synonyms: Order, enjoin, say

    request verb
    ask (a person) to do something.


    direct verb
    command with authority.

    instruct verb
    give instructions or directions for some task.

    command, require verb
    make someone do something.

    send for, Call verb
    order, request, or command to come.

    warn verb
    ask to go away.

    6. Tell (verb)

    discern or comprehend.

    • He could tell that she was unhappy.

    guess, infer verb
    guess correctly; solve by guessing.

    7. assure, Tell (verb)

    inform positively and with certainty and confidence.

    • I tell you that man is a crook!.
    Synonyms: assure

    avow, swan, affirm, assert, aver, swear, verify verb
    to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true.

    8. evidence, Tell (verb)

    give evidence.

    • he was telling on all his former colleague.
    Synonyms: evidence

    inform verb
    act as an informer.

    9. differentiate, distinguish, secern, secernate, severalise, severalize, tell apart, separate, Tell (verb)

    mark as different.

    • We distinguish several kinds of maple.

    identify, place verb
    recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something.


    know verb
    be able to distinguish, recognize as being different.

    discriminate, know apart verb
    recognize or perceive the difference.

    label verb
    distinguish (an element or atom) by using a radioactive isotope or an isotope of unusual mass for tracing through chemical reactions.

    label verb
    distinguish (as a compound or molecule) by introducing a labeled atom.

    sex verb
    tell the sex (of young chickens).

    individualise, individualize verb
    make or mark or treat as individual.

    contrast verb
    put in opposition to show or emphasize differences.

    severalise, severalize verb
    distinguish or separate.

    contradistinguish verb
    distinguish by contrasting qualities.

    decouple, dissociate verb
    regard as unconnected.

    demarcate verb
    separate clearly, as if by boundaries.

    discriminate, single out, separate verb
    treat differently on the basis of sex or race.

    stratify verb
    divide society into social classes or castes.

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    Teller (noun)
    United States physicist (born in Hungary) who worked on the first atom bomb and the first hydrogen bomb (1908-2003)

    Tellima (noun)
    genus of hardy perennials with palmately lobed leaves and long racemes of small nodding five-petaled flowers; western North America

    Tellima affinis (noun)
    California perennial herb cultivated for its racemose white flowers with widely spreading petals; sometimes placed in genus Tellima

    Tellima grandiflora (noun)
    plant growing in clumps with mostly basal leaves and cream-colored or pale pink fringed flowers in several long racemes; Alaska to coastal central California and east to Idaho

    telling (noun)
    an act of narration

    tellingly (adverb)
    in a telling manner

    telltale (noun)
    someone who gossips indiscreetly

    tellurian (noun)
    an inhabitant of the earth

    telluric (adjective)
    of or relating to or containing the chemical element tellurium

    telluride (noun)
    any binary compound of tellurium with other more electropositive elements

    tellurium (noun)
    a brittle silver-white metalloid element that is related to selenium and sulfur; it is used in alloys and as a semiconductor; occurs mainly as tellurides in ores of copper and nickel and silver and gold

    Tellus (noun)
    (Roman mythology) goddess of the earth; protector of marriage and fertility; identified with Greek Gaea