Part Definition

Define what is Part?

1. component part, part, portion, component, constituent (noun)

something determined in relation to something that includes it.

  • he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself.
  • I read a portion of the manuscript.
  • the smaller component is hard to reach.
  • the animal constituent of plankton.

relation noun
an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together.


substance noun
the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists.

language unit, linguistic unit noun
one of the natural units into which linguistic messages can be analyzed.

item, point noun
a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list.

butt noun
the part of a plant from which the roots spring or the part of a stalk or trunk nearest the roots.

basis, Base noun
the most important or necessary part of something.

detail, item, particular noun
a small part that can be considered separately from the whole.

unit noun
an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole.

member noun
anything that belongs to a set or class.

remainder, residual, residuum, rest, residue, Balance noun
something left after other parts have been taken away.

subpart noun
a part of a part.

2. part, Split, separate (verb)

go one's own way; move apart.

  • The friends separated after the party.
Synonyms: Split, separate

move verb
move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion.


dissipate, scatter, disperse, spread out verb
move away from each other.

break up verb
come apart.

diffract verb
undergo diffraction.

3. part, partially, partly (adverb)

in part; in some degree; not wholly.

  • I felt partly to blame.
  • He was partially paralyzed.
Synonyms: partially, partly
Antonyms: all, altogether, completely, entirely, totally, whole, wholly (adverb)

to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly').

4. break up, part, Split, split up, separate, break (verb)

discontinue an association or relation; go different ways.

  • The business partners broke over a tax question.
  • The couple separated after 25 years of marriage.
  • My friend and I split up.

give the bounce, give the gate, give the axe verb
terminate a relationship abruptly.

disunify, break apart verb
break up or separate.

disassociate, disjoint, dissociate, disunite, divorce verb
part; cease or break association with.

break with verb
end a relationship.

split up, divorce verb
get a divorce; formally terminate a marriage.

secede, splinter, break away verb
withdraw from an organization or communion.

break away, break verb
interrupt a continued activity.

5. part, portion (noun)

something less than the whole of a human artifact.

  • the rear part of the house.
  • glue the two parts together.
Synonyms: portion

object, physical object noun
a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow.


appendage noun
a part that is joined to something larger.

bit noun
the part of a key that enters a lock and lifts the tumblers.

bottleneck noun
the narrow part of a bottle near the top.

bulb noun
a rounded part of a cylindrical instrument (usually at one end).

stub, butt noun
the small unused part of something (especially the end of a cigarette that is left after smoking).

constituent, element, component noun
an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system.

cutout noun
a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out.

foible noun
the weaker part of a sword's blade from the forte to the tip.

fore edge, foredge noun
the part of a book that faces inward when the book is shelved; the part opposite the spine.

forte noun
the stronger part of a sword blade between the hilt and the foible.

fraction noun
a small part or item forming a piece of a whole.

heel noun
(golf) the part of the clubhead where it joins the shaft.

hub noun
the central part of a car wheel (or fan or propeller etc) through which the shaft or axle passes.

jetsam noun
the part of a ship's equipment or cargo that is thrown overboard to lighten the load in a storm.

limb noun
either of the two halves of a bow from handle to tip.

neck noun
a narrow part of an artifact that resembles a neck in position or form.

peen noun
the part of a hammerhead opposite the flat striking surface (may have various shapes).

piece noun
a separate part of a whole.

pressing noun
a metal or plastic part that is made by a mechanical press.

seat noun
a part of a machine that supports or guides another part.

segment, section noun
one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object.

waist, shank noun
the narrow part of the shoe connecting the heel and the wide part of the sole.

backbone, spine noun
the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved.

toe noun
(golf) the part of a clubhead farthest from the shaft.

turnout, widening noun
a part of a road that has been widened to allow cars to pass or park.

upstage noun
the rear part of the stage.

upstairs noun
the part of a building above the ground floor.

wreckage noun
the remaining parts of something that has been wrecked.

6. take off, set forth, set off, start out, depart, part, set out, start (verb)


  • The family took off for Florida.

go forth, leave, go away verb
go away from a place.


lift off, take off verb
depart from the ground.

roar off verb

blaze out, blaze verb
move rapidly and as if blazing.

sally forth, sally out verb
set out in a sudden, energetic or violent manner.

7. part, piece (noun)

a portion of a natural object.

  • they analyzed the river into three parts.
  • he needed a piece of granite.
Synonyms: piece

thing noun
a separate and self-contained entity.


body part noun
any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity.

corpus noun
the main part of an organ or other bodily structure.

acicula noun
a needlelike part or structure of a plant or animal or crystal; as a spine or bristle or crystal.

Base noun
the bottom or lowest part.

corner noun
a projecting part where two sides or edges meet.

craton noun
the part of a continent that is stable and forms the central mass of the continent; typically Precambrian.

cutting noun
a piece cut off from the main part of something.

fragment noun
a piece broken off or cut off of something else.

hunk, lump noun
a large piece of something without definite shape.

nub, stub noun
a small piece.

segment noun
one of the parts into which something naturally divides.

slice noun
a thin flat piece cut off of some object.

strip noun
a relatively long narrow piece of something.

world noun
a part of the earth that can be considered separately.

8. divide, part, separate (verb)

come apart.

  • The two pieces that we had glued separated.
Synonyms: divide, separate

change verb
undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature.


subdivide verb
form into subdivisions.

polarise, polarize verb
become polarized in a conflict or contrasting situation.

calve, break up verb
release ice.

chip, chip off, break away, break off, come off verb
break off (a piece from a whole).

disjoin, disjoint verb
become separated, disconnected or disjoint.

come away, come off, detach verb
come to be detached.

segregate verb
divide from the main body or mass and collect.

segment verb
divide or split up.

reduce verb
undergo meiosis.

section, segment verb
divide into segments.

partition, partition off verb
divide into parts, pieces, or sections.

discerp, dismember, take apart verb
divide into pieces.

gerrymander verb
divide unfairly and to one's advantage; of voting districts.

9. part (noun)

that which concerns a person with regard to a particular role or situation.

  • it requires vigilance on our part.
  • they resisted every effort on his part.

concern noun
something that interests you because it is important or affects you.

10. disunite, separate, part, divide (verb)

force, take, or pull apart.

  • He separated the fighting children.
  • Moses parted the Red Sea.

move, displace verb
cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.


compartmentalise, compartmentalize, cut up verb
separate into isolated compartments or categories.

polarise, polarize verb
cause to concentrate about two conflicting or contrasting positions.

keep apart, sequestrate, set apart, isolate, sequester verb
set apart from others.

disjoin, disjoint verb
make disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of.

disarticulate, disjoint verb
separate at the joints.

disconnect verb
make disconnected, disjoin or unfasten.

cut verb
separate with or as if with an instrument.

tear verb
to separate or be separated by force.

joint verb
separate (meat) at the joint.

gin verb
separate the seeds from (cotton) with a cotton gin.

break verb
separate from a clinch, in boxing.

sever, break up verb
set or keep apart.

rupture, tear, snap, bust verb
separate or cause to separate abruptly.

11. region, part (noun)

the extended spatial location of something.

  • the farming regions of France.
  • religions in all parts of the world.
  • regions of outer space.
Synonyms: region

location noun
a point or extent in space.


atmosphere, air noun
the mass of air surrounding the Earth.

biosphere noun
the regions of the surface and atmosphere of the Earth (or other planet) where living organisms exist.

depth noun
(usually plural) the deepest and most remote part.

interplanetary space noun
the part of outer space within the solar system.

interstellar space noun
the space between stars.

heliosphere noun
the region inside the heliopause containing the sun and solar system.

intergalactic space noun
the space between galaxies.

deep space noun
any region in space outside the solar system.

aerospace noun
the atmosphere and outer space considered as a whole.

zone noun
an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic.

belt noun
an elongated region where a specific condition or characteristic is found.

bottom noun
the lowest part of anything.

county noun
(United Kingdom) a region created by territorial division for the purpose of local government.

distance noun
a distant region.

Eden, Heaven, Paradise, Shangri-la, nirvana, Promised Land noun
any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.

extremity noun
the outermost or farthest region or point.

Hell, hell on earth, hellhole, Inferno, snake pit, the pits noun
any place of pain and turmoil.

inside, Interior noun
the region that is inside of something.

ionosphere noun
the outer region of the Earth's atmosphere; contains a high concentration of free electrons.

layer noun
a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another.

exterior, outside noun
the region that is outside of something.

radius noun
a circular region whose area is indicated by the length of its radius.

side noun
a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location.

air noun
the region above the ground.

vacuity, vacuum noun
a region that is devoid of matter.

top noun
the upper part of anything.

zodiac noun
a belt-shaped region in the heavens on either side to the ecliptic; divided into 12 constellations or signs for astrological purposes.

mansion, planetary house, sign of the zodiac, star sign, sign, house noun
(astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided.

Papua noun
the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea.

Sind noun
a region of southeastern Pakistan.

black hole noun
a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star; extremely high gravitational field.

Edgeworth-Kuiper belt, Kuiper belt noun
a disk-shaped region of minor planets outside the orbit of Neptune.

Maria, mare noun
a dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon.

12. role, function, office, part (noun)

the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.

  • the function of a teacher.
  • the government must do its part.
  • play its role.
Synonyms: role, function, office

duty noun
work that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons.


capacity noun
a specified function.

hat noun
an informal term for a person's role.

portfolio noun
the role of the head of a government department.

lieu, stead, place, position noun
the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another.

second fiddle noun
a secondary role or function.

13. persona, theatrical role, role, character, part (noun)

an actor's portrayal of someone in a play.

  • she played the part of Desdemona.

personation, portrayal, characterization, enactment noun
acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture.


bit part, minor role noun
a small role.

heavy noun
a serious (or tragic) role in a play.

Hero noun
the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem.

ingenue noun
the role of an innocent artless young woman in a play.

name part, title role noun
the role of the character after whom the play is named.

heroine noun
the main good female character in a work of fiction.

baddie, villain noun
the principal bad character in a film or work of fiction.

14. share, percentage, portion, part (noun)

assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group.

  • he wanted his share in cash.

assets noun
anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company.


tranche noun
a portion of something (especially money).

dispensation noun
a share that has been dispensed or distributed.

dole noun
a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given.

way noun
a portion of something divided into shares.

ration noun
a fixed portion that is allotted (especially in times of scarcity).

allowance noun
an amount allowed or granted (as during a given period).

slice, piece noun
a share of something.

Split noun
a promised or claimed share of loot or money.

stake, interest noun
(law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something.

profit sharing noun
a system in which employees receive a share of the net profits of the business.

cut noun
a share of the profits.

allocation, allotment noun
a share set aside for a specific purpose.

15. division, section, part (noun)

one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole.

  • the written part of the exam.
  • the finance section of the company.
  • the BBC's engineering division.
Synonyms: division, section

concept, conception, construct noun
an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances.


frame noun
one of the ten divisions into which bowling is divided.

beginning noun
the first part or section of something.

middle noun
an intermediate part or section.

end noun
a final part or section.

high point noun
the most enjoyable part of a given experience.

component, element, factor, ingredient, constituent noun
an abstract part of something.

chukka, chukker noun
(polo) one of six divisions into which a polo match is divided.

inning, frame noun
(baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat.

game noun
(tennis) a division of play during which one player serves.

bout, round, turn noun
(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive.

first period noun
the first division into which the play of a game is divided.

second period noun
the second division into which the play of a game is divided.

final period noun
the final division into which the play of a game is divided.

half noun
one of two divisions into which some games or performances are divided: the two divisions are separated by an interval.

period noun
(ice hockey) one of three divisions into which play is divided in hockey games.

quarter noun
(football, professional basketball) one of four divisions into which some games are divided.

over noun
(cricket) the division of play during which six balls are bowled at the batsman by one player from the other team from the same end of the pitch.

16. parting, part (noun)

a line of scalp that can be seen when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions.

  • his part was right in the middle.
Synonyms: parting

line noun
a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent.

17. part, voice (noun)

the melody carried by a particular voice or instrument in polyphonic music.

  • he tried to sing the tenor part.
Synonyms: voice

melodic line, melodic phrase, melody, tune, strain, air, line noun
a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence.


primo noun
the principal part of a duet (especially a piano duet).

secondo noun
the second or lower part of a duet (especially a piano duet).

voice part noun
a part written for a singer.

musical accompaniment, accompaniment, backup, support noun
a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts.

bass part, bass noun
the lowest part in polyphonic music.

18. contribution, share, part (noun)

the part played by a person in bringing about a result.

  • I am proud of my contribution in advancing the project.
  • they all did their share of the work.
Synonyms: contribution, share

attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour noun
earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.


end noun
the part you are expected to play.

Nearby Terms

part music (noun)
vocal music for several voices in independent parts (usually performed without accompaniment)

part name (noun)
a word that names a part of a larger whole

part of speech (noun)
one of the traditional categories of words intended to reflect their functions in a grammatical context

part to whole relation (noun)
the semantic relation that holds between a part and the whole

part with (verb)
give up what is not strictly needed

part-of-speech tagger (noun)
a tagging program whose labels indicate a word's part of speech

part-owner (noun)
a person who owns something in common with others

part-singing (noun)
singing with three or more voice parts

part-time (adjective)
involving less than the standard or customary time for an activity

part-timer (noun)
someone who works less than the customary or standard time

partake (verb)
have some of the qualities or attributes of something

partake in (verb)
be active in

partaker (noun)
someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share

parted (adjective satellite)
having a margin incised almost to the base so as to create distinct divisions or lobes

parted leaf (noun)
a leaf having margins incised almost to the base so as to create distinct divisions or lobes