Moonlight Definition

Define what is Moonlight?

1. moonlight, moonshine, Moon (noun)

the light of the Moon.

  • moonlight is the smuggler's enemy.
  • the Moon was bright enough to read by.
Synonyms: moonshine, Moon

Light, visible light, visible radiation noun
(physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation.

2. moonlight (verb)

work a second job, usually after hours.

  • The law student is moonlighting as a taxi driver.

do work, work verb
be employed.

Nearby Terms

moonlighter (noun)
a person who holds a second job (usually after hours)

moonlike (adjective satellite)
resembling the moon in shape

moonlit (adjective)
lighted by moonlight

moonseed (noun)
plant of the family Menispermaceae having red or black fruit with crescent- or ring-shaped seeds

moonseed family (noun)
herbaceous or woody climbers

moonshell (noun)
marine gastropods having smooth rounded shells that form short spires

moonshine (noun)
the light of the Moon

moonshiner (noun)
someone who makes or sells illegal liquor

moonstone (noun)
a transparent or translucent gemstone with a pearly luster; some specimens are orthoclase feldspar and others are plagioclase feldspar

moonstruck (adjective satellite)
insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon

moonwalk (noun)
a kind of dance step in which the dancer seems to be sliding on the spot

moonwort (noun)
of America and Eurasia and Australia

moony (adjective)
lighted by moonlight

Moor (noun)
one of the Muslim people of north Africa; of mixed Arab and Berber descent; converted to Islam in the 8th century; conqueror of Spain in the 8th century

moor berry (noun)
an evergreen shrub with leathery leaves