Job Definition

Define what is Job?

1. Job, line of work, occupation, business, line (noun)

the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.

  • he's not in my line of business.

activity noun
any specific behavior.


confectionery noun
the occupation and skills of a confectioner.

sport noun
the occupation of athletes who compete for pay.

farming, Land noun
agriculture considered as an occupation or way of life.

biz, game noun
your occupation or line of work.

calling, career, vocation noun
the particular occupation for which you are trained.

employment, work noun
the occupation for which you are paid.

appointment noun
the job to which you are (or hope to be) appointed.

berth, billet, Post, situation, position, office, place, spot noun
a job in an organization.

salt mine, treadmill noun
a job involving drudgery and confinement.

craft, trade noun
the skilled practice of a practical occupation.

profession noun
an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences).

metier, medium noun
an occupation for which you are especially well suited.

accountancy, accounting noun
the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business.

photography noun
the occupation of taking and printing photographs or making movies.

catering noun
providing food and services.

2. Job (verb)

profit privately from public office and official business.


    chisel, cheat verb
    engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud.

    3. chore, Job, task (noun)

    a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee.

    • estimates of the city's loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars.
    • the job of repairing the engine took several hours.
    • the endless task of classifying the samples.
    • the farmer's morning chores.
    Synonyms: chore, task

    duty noun
    work that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons.


    ball-breaker, ball-buster noun
    a job or situation that is demanding and arduous and punishing.

    stint noun
    an individual's prescribed share of work.

    scut work, shitwork noun
    trivial, unrewarding, tedious, dirty, and disagreeable chores.

    4. farm out, subcontract, Job (verb)

    arranged for contracted work to be done by others.


      hire, employ, engage verb
      engage or hire for work.

      5. Job (noun)

      a workplace; as in the expression.

      • on the job.

      workplace, work noun
      a place where work is done.

      6. Job (verb)

      work occasionally.

      • As a student I jobbed during the semester breaks.

      do work, work verb
      be employed.

      7. Job, speculate (verb)

      invest at a risk.

      • I bought this house not because I want to live in it but to sell it later at a good price, so I am speculating.
      Synonyms: speculate

      invest, commit, put, place verb
      make an investment.


      Bull verb
      try to raise the price of stocks through speculative buying.

      8. Job (noun)

      an object worked on; a result produced by working.

      • he held the job in his left hand and worked on it with his right.

      product, production noun
      an artifact that has been created by someone or some process.

      9. Job (noun)

      the responsibility to do something.

      • it is their job to print the truth.

      duty, obligation, responsibility noun
      the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force.

      10. Job (noun)

      the performance of a piece of work.

      • she did an outstanding job as Ophelia.
      • he gave it up as a bad job.

      work noun
      activity directed toward making or doing something.

      11. Job (noun)

      a damaging piece of work.

      • dry rot did the job of destroying the barn.
      • the barber did a real job on my hair.

      work noun
      activity directed toward making or doing something.

      12. problem, Job (noun)

      a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved.

      • she and her husband are having problems.
      • it is always a job to contact him.
      • urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog.
      Synonyms: problem

      difficulty noun
      a condition or state of affairs almost beyond one's ability to deal with and requiring great effort to bear or overcome.


      race problem noun
      a social and political problem caused by conflict between races occupying the same or adjacent regions.

      balance-of-payments problem noun
      an economic problem caused by payments for imports being greater than receipts for exports.

      13. Job (noun)

      a Jewish hero in the Old Testament who maintained his faith in God in spite of afflictions that tested him.

        14. Job (noun)

        any long-suffering person who withstands affliction without despairing.


          unfortunate, unfortunate person noun
          a person who suffers misfortune.

          15. Job (noun)

          (computer science) a program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit.


            application program, applications programme, application noun
            a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task.

            16. Book of Job, Job (noun)

            a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply.

              Synonyms: Book of Job

              17. caper, Job (noun)

              a crime (especially a robbery).

              • the gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis.
              Synonyms: caper

              robbery noun
              larceny by threat of violence.

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