Imprint Definition

Define what is Imprint?

1. imprint (noun)

a distinctive influence.

  • English stills bears the imprint of the Norman invasion.

influence noun
a cognitive factor that tends to have an effect on what you do.

2. imprint, form (verb)

establish or impress firmly in the mind.

  • We imprint our ideas onto our children.
Synonyms: form

act upon, influence, work verb
have and exert influence or effect.

3. imprint, impression, Depression (noun)

a concavity in a surface produced by pressing.

  • he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud.

concave shape, concavity, incurvation, incurvature noun
a shape that curves or bends inward.


dimple noun
a small natural hollow in the cheek or chin.

groove, channel noun
a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record).

dimple noun
any slight depression in a surface.

dip noun
a depression in an otherwise level surface.

incision, dent, prick, scratch, slit noun
a depression scratched or carved into a surface.

droop, sag noun
a shape that sags.

crinkle, wrinkle, crease, furrow, seam, line noun
a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface.

cranny, crevice, fissure, chap, crack noun
a long narrow depression in a surface.

4. imprint, impress (verb)

mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

  • To make a batik, you impress a design with wax.
Synonyms: impress

change surface verb
undergo or cause to undergo a change in the surface.


stamp verb
to mark, or produce an imprint in or on something.

boss, emboss, stamp verb
raise in a relief.

5. imprint (noun)

an identification of a publisher; a publisher's name along with the date and address and edition that is printed at the bottom of the title page.

  • the book was published under a distinguished imprint.

identification noun
evidence of identity; something that identifies a person or thing.

6. embossment, imprint (noun)

an impression produced by pressure or printing.

    Synonyms: embossment

    stamp, impression noun
    a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving.

    7. imprint (noun)

    a device produced by pressure on a surface.


      device noun
      an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose.


      impression noun
      (dentistry) an imprint of the teeth and gums in wax or plaster.

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