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We found 15 author(s) that have name start with letter Q.

No Author Name Born Died Profession Nationality
1Queen Christina16261689RoyaltySwedish
2Quintus Tullius Cicero--SoldierRoman
3Quentin Crewe--unknownunknown
4Quentin Crisp19081999WriterEnglish
5Queen Elizabeth II1926-RoyaltyEnglish
6Quintus Ennius--PoetRoman
7Qin Shi Huangdi--RoyaltyChinese
8Quincy Jones1933-MusicianAmerican
9Queen Juliana19092004RoyaltyDutch
10Queen Latifah--MusicianAmerican
11Queen Mary--Royaltyunknown
13Queen Marie of Romania18751938RoyaltyBritish
14Quentin Tarantino1963-DirectorAmerican
15Queen Victoria18191901RoyaltyBritish