Yarrawarrah Public School

What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Yarrawarrah Public School is YPS

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.YPSA1Young Persons Short Assessment
2.YPSERV1Yellow Pages Service
3.YPT3Torpedo Retriever
4.YPT1P1Ypt1 protein
5.YPTL1Yavapai-Prescott Tribal Library
6.YPU1Yale Political Union
7.YPV1Youth Pride Village
8.YPW3IATA code for Powell River Airport, Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
9.YPWPC1Young Persons Work Preparation Course
10.YPX1IATA code for Puvirnituq Airport, Puvirnituq, Québec, Canada
11.YPXFR1Yellow Pages Transfer
12.YPY2IATA code for Fort Chipewyan Airport, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, Canada
13.YPZ1Young People Zone
14.YQA2IATA code for Muskoka Airport, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
15.YQB1IATA code for Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Sainte-Foy in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
16.YQC1Yield Quality Control
17.YQD2IATA code for The Pas Airport, The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
19.YQF1IATA code for Red Deer Regional Airport, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
20.YQG1IATA code for Windsor Airport, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
21.YQH2IATA code for Watson Lake Airport, Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada
22.YQHX1YiQi HuoXue
23.YQI1IATA code for Yarmouth Airport, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
24.YQK1IATA code for Kenora Airport, Kenora, Ontario, Canada
25.YQL1IATA code for Lethbridge Airport, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada