Old Testament

What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Old Testament is OT

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.OT-C1Occupational Therapist - Canada
2.OT-CEC1Open-tubular capillary electrochromatography
3.OT-HNP1Oxytocin-associated human neurophysin
4.OT-N1Oxytocin-associated neurophysin
5.OT1H1On The One Hand
6.OTA60Objective Technical Architecture
7.OTAA3Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance
8.OTAC1Ordnance Tank-Automotive Command
9.OTAD5Over The Air Distribution
11.OTAE1Other Technical Assets Employed
12.OTAF2Office of Technology Assessment and Forecasts
13.OTAFG2Operational Transconductance Amplifier Focus Group
14.OTAG2Office of the Adjutant General
15.OTAI1Over-The-Air Initialization
16.OTAL1Offset Tactical Aiming Laser
17.OTAM1Over the Air Management
18.OTAN2Organisation du Traité de l'Atlantique Nord
19.OTANA1Organic Trade Association of North America
20.OTANS1Offshore Trade Association of Nova Scotia
21.OTANY1Oil Trades Association of New York
22.OTAOK1Over the air OK
23.OTAPA2Over the Air Parameter Administration
24.OTAQ1Office of Transportation and Air Quality
25.OTAR7Over The Air Registration