Ohm-square centimeter

What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Ohm-square centimeter is OHM CM2

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.OHM M1Ohm-meter
2.OHM/CM1Ohm per centimeter
3.OHM/M1Ohm per meter
4.OHN3Occupational health nurse
5.OHNAC1Occupational Health Nurses in Agricultural Communities
6.OHNCS1Occupational Health Nursing Clinical Specialist
7.OHNP1Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner
8.OHNS1Occupational health nurses
9.OHNSES1One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary School
10.OHO5Oduduwa Heritage Organization
11.OHOC1Oregon Hanford Oversight Committee
12.OHOSP1Ontario home ownership savings plan
13.OHOTKOHOTC1One Hand On The Keys, One Hand On The Crotch
14.OHOVSS1Ordinary heterotrophic organisms volatile suspended solids
15.OHOX1United States Department of Energy
16.OHP29Occult hyperprolactinemia
17.OHPA2Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad
18.OHPAT1Outpatient and home parenteral antibiotic therapy
19.OHPCC1Office of High Performance Computing and Communications
20.OHPD1Oak Hill Police Department
21.OHPDA1Occupational Hygiene Product Distributors Association
22.OHPI1Office of Highway Policy Information
24.OHPR1Online Historical Population Records
25.OHPRS1Ontario Health Promotion Resource System