What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Ketac-Fil is KF

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.KFA5Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter
2.KFAED1Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
3.KFAF1ICAO code for Felker AAF, Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States
4.KFAM1ICAO code for Farmington Regional Airport, Farmington, Missouri, United States
5.KFAO1Knee-foot-ankle orthosis
6.KFAR1ICAO code for Hector International Airport, Fargo, North Dakota, United States
7.KFAS2Keyed File Access System
8.KFAT1ICAO code for Fresno Yosemite International Airport, Fresno, California, United States
9.KFAY1ICAO code for Fayetteville Regional Airport, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
11.KFBG2ICAO code for Simmons AAF, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States
13.KFBL1ICAO code for Faribault Municipal Airport, Faribault, Minnesota, United States
14.KFBR1ICAO code for Fort Bridger Airport, Fort Bridger, Wyoming, United States
15.KFBY1ICAO code for Fairbury Municipal Airport, Fairbury, Nebraska, United States
16.KFC8Kentucky Fried Chicken
17.KFCH1ICAO code for Fresno Chandler Executive Airport, Fresno, California, United States
18.KFCI2ICAO code for Chesterfield County Airport, Richmond, Virginia, United States
19.KFCM1ICAO code for Flying Cloud Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
20.KFCS2ICAO code for Butts AAF, Fort Carson, Colorado, United States
21.KFCT1ICAO code for Vagabond AAF, Yakima, Washington, United States
22.KFCY1ICAO code for Forrest City Municipal Airport, Forrest City, Arkansas, United States
23.KFD39Kalispell Fire Department
24.KFDA1Korean Food and Drug Administration
25.KFDK1ICAO code for Frederick Municipal Airport, Frederick, Maryland, United States