Integrated Performance Assessment

What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Integrated Performance Assessment is IPA

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.IPA-MS1Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States
2.IPA-NM1Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico
3.IPAA11Ileal J-pouch-anal anastomosis
4.IPAAACS1Image Process Auto Acquisition and Aimpoint Control System
5.IPAB3International Program for Antarctic Buoys
6.IPABS1Integrated Planning, Accountability and Budgeting System
7.IPABX2Integrated Public Access Branch Exchange
8.IPAC25Image Public Access Catalogue
9.IPACG1Informal Pacific ATC Coordination Group
10.IPACL1Internet Protocol Access List
11.IPACS6Inglewood Preparatory Academy Charter School
12.IPAD9Integrated PAD
13.IPADAE2Integrated Passive Action Detection Acquisition Equipment
14.IPADS4Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System
15.IPAE2Internet Protocol Address Encapsulation
16.IPAF1International Powered Access Federation
17.IPAG1Information, Planning and Analysis Group
18.IPAH2Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
19.IPAI1International Primary Aluminum Institute
20.IPAL3Image Processing Algorithm Library
21.IPAM1Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
22.IPAMA2Immunoperoxidase antibody to membrane antigen
23.IPAMM1Impact of Proposal and Award Management Mechanisms
24.IPAN1Imaging passive-active neutron
25.IPANM1Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico