Federation of European Risk Management Associations

What is its abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Federation of European Risk Management Associations is FERMA

List of Similar Abbreviations

No Abbreviation #Use Stand For
1.FERMAT1Formal Engineering Research with Models, Abstraction and Transformation
2.FERMCO1Fernald Environmental Restoration Management Corporation
3.FERMI1Formalisation and Experimentation on the Retrieval of Multimedia Information
4.FERMILAB2FERMI National Acceleration Laboratory
5.FERMILAB COMPUT NEWS1Fermilab Computing News
6.FERMILAB INF RES NEWSL1Fermilab Information Resources Newsletter
7.FERMS1Forum for Enhanced Reliability and Maintainability Standards
8.FERN7Fernald Field Office
10.FERNSEH-&KINO-TECH1Fernseh- und Kino-Technik
12.FEROS1Further Education Record of Students
13.FERP7Facilities Excellence Recognition Program
14.FERPA10Family Education Rights & Privacy Act
15.FERPD1Facilities Engineering and Real Property Division
16.FERPIC3Ferroelectric Ceramic Picture Device
17.FERPM1FTAM Error Recovery Protocol Machine
18.FERQUIDO1Fertilizantes Quimicos Dominicanos
20.FERRANTI1GEC Marconi Avionics
21.FERRARI1From Extra Rusty Rubbish And Rude Italians
22.FERRIS1Ferris State University
23.FERROD2Ferrite Rod
25.FERROELECTR LETT1Ferroelectrics Letters