Harp For Stress Relief – Simple Ways to Relax and Express Yourself


Maybe you’ve seen royal pedal harps in symphonies and movies and wished you could play one, or you had a harpist at your wedding. Or, you associate the beautiful sound of the strings with angels and heaven.

Perhaps you have said,”I’ve taken care of everybody else all of my life, now it’s MY turn to discover exactly what I LOVE!”

Do you realize that a creative outlet is NECESSARY for your health? Your favourite hobbies, enjoying nature, or anytime it is possible to get”from your mind” and”in your body” can make a huge impact in your frame of mind and physical health. You may say,”I am not a musician (or artist or cook)” but that’s the voice of the grownup. As children, we simply explored our surroundings taking joy in our discoveries. “Playing” with a harp may be like playing in a sandbox.

You’re able to play a harp, anybody can, but few know that harps can be held on your lap, sound beautiful, and can melt away your stress. Simply pushing your fingers across the strings makes the sound of a wind chime and transports your weary body or mind to a location of instant peace.

Since medieval days, storytellers and harpers played small harps similar to the lap harps we perform today.

Harp treatment is a growing area and offers distraction from pain, anxiety and depression. Research has revealed that blood pressure and heart rate could be reduced when listening to the calming sounds of the harp. Harpists are now found playing in hospitals, nursing homes and at the bedside of hospice patients, in addition to in rehabilitation and working with kids. Recorded harp music is supplying calm in the office, college and health care settings.

The harp world is broad and wondrous. Just as you carefully choose a pet, you would wish to be educated concerning the kinds available to be certain you find a harp which suits you — which fits your body and your pocketbook and makes your heart glow. Deciding on the right harp for your own body is important to prevent any physiological strain.

Warning: Since I care about your desire to have a satisfying, joyful experience playing a harp, avoid carved rosewood harps that are produced in the Middle East. They look lovely, but many of them are unplayable because the strings will not hold a song.

When starting the harp, it is so essential to discover a harp teacher who honors you — your own goals, interests, learning styles and challenges. The harp is a fantastic first tool, in any age. You need not have any prior musical background or know how to read music.

You deserve it, and your entire body, mind and spirit will be grateful (so will your family members and friends).

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

The way hemorrhoids cause you discomfort and pain can change from the mildest to the most severe, and thus hemorrhoid remedies must also be commensurate to the seriousness of the situation. They should be utilized with prior knowledge and consultation with people who understand best.

In mild cases of external hemorrhoids such as those due to occasional melancholy and change in diet or intake of water, the natural hemorrhoid remedies are the use of glycerin-based suppositories and healing lotions. These compounds lubricate the opening and passageway of feces for simplicity in defecation or bowel movement.

Other remedies would be to prescribe a change in diet more healthy eating habits like getting more fresh fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber food along with more water intake. Too much starch-producing food which causes bloating and gas will subsequently be avoided to avoid stomach upsets and digestive problems.

For moderate cases of hemorrhoids, wherein there isn’t simply a swelling of rectal veins externally and internally but also some occasional and mild anal bleeding, certain healing ointments would also be effective hemorrhoid treatments.

This could be used with a hot Sitz bath wherein the individual sits in a tub or basin of warm water and soaks the bottom for a particular period of time of around 5 to 10 minutes daily until the symptoms are relieved. The water shouldn’t be too warm, or else it dries the skin and makes it crack or becoming irritated, further aggravating the problem.

Additionally, it may be traded for cold compress across the hemorrhoids before sleeping through the night. This aids loosen, protruding veins to deal with and return to regular size.

Whether mild, moderate, or severe in degree, all of hemorrhoid remedies should first be consulted and eliminated by a physician especially among elderly women, people who are nursing, and individuals who presently have inherited or acquired diseases they are recovering from.

Some popular methods nowadays would be the use of aromatic extracts such as rosewood, aloe, and witch hazel as herbal applications which reduce swelling or inflammation and remove pruritus or itching. Other alternatives are the juice of naturally-occurring food like garlic, ginger, radish, and banana. Lime and mint also have calming effects when combined with warm water with honey.

It can never be emphasized enough that these natural hemorrhoid remedies must be consulted with a doctor, though, for allergies or contraindications to their effect on the skin and glands. Steroid foams should also be tested and cleared for use before actual application.

The most radical but essential of hemorrhoid remedies is to go for surgery. For hemorrhoids, which are recurrent, painful, and obstructive to normal functions like work and sleep, operation would be the last possible option after extensive studies and home remedies.

Hemorrhoids may be excised and removed utilizing a scalpel procedure or hemorrhoidectomy surgeries. They could now also be vaporized or atomized into minute particles using laser surgery at its most advanced for a pain-free, long-term remedy against the hemorrhoid problem.

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